Boundary Waters Canoe Area - July 21-24, 2005

Entry Point: Fall Lake - Newton Lake - Pipestone Bay - Jackfish Bay - Basswood Lake & Basswood Falls.

People: Alex Curtis, Paul Curtis, Shauna Dahlke, Ken Klemm

On Day One we went from Fall Lake to Basswood Lake and camped across from the Gaging Station by the "No Motors" point. Day two we moved to a better campsite (actually a great campsite with a sandy beach) which was about a mile from the Gaging Station. Shauna, Alex and I took a day trip to Basswood Falls. The third day we went back to Newton Lake where Shauna caught the biggest fish of the trip. Fishing was good, the bugs were not too bad, and the weather was great. It rained once at night and then again on the last evening, but stopped early enough where we still got a campfire in, along with a rainbow. The route up to Basswood Lake is open to boats up to 25 horsepower. We saw more canoes than motor boats.

I bought a used Wenonah Minnesota II canoe from my good friends at Voyager North Outfitters in Ely. (See Links page) It's a great canoe. 44 pounds 17-1/2 ft long. It cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter.

From GPS: 29.2 miles total with a total of 10 hours of actual canoe time. (Fishing not included!)




Ken, Shauna, Alex, and Paul


Alex with crawdad

Alex and Shauna from our Day 2 campsite

Deer on Newton Lake

Eagle on Basswood Lake

This snapping turtle was grabbing crawdads in the evening. (note crawdad in center
of picture at the bottom).

Even after Ken picked him up, he stayed around the shore eating crawdads

Hanging out before dinner

Peaceful passageway between two islands on Basswood Lake

Shauna's killer Northern Pike (we let him go)

Our rainbow - spliced together from two pictures

Sunrise over Basswood Lake

Alex portaging my new Wenonah Minnesota II canoe

Alex and Shauna at Basswood Falls

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